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Cruise Vacationers Give Reviews – 96% Positive


What do cruise vacationers and hot tubs have in common? Nothing, you think? Think again, for indeed most people who cruise the world also cruise their backyard spas for relaxation and hydrotherapy. With many cruise-goers being active seniors, they also have the problems associated with aging, in particular, arthritis and perhaps type 2 diabetes. Savvy shoppers, these seniors have usually purchased their hot tubs at, thanks to its low, low prices, the lowest you’ll find anyway. They’ve given the site high marks – 96% satisfaction – on Reviews.

Steve Barbarich knows that seniors are on tight budgets but still want the luxury hot tubs afford, so he does all he can to make prices reasonable on He even sells his own line, Island Escape Spas, created to be of the highest quality and best value. Earning a 96% positive rating has cheered Steve Barbarich nearly to death, so supportive he is of his clientele. Algarve apartments, beach holiday rentals and accommodation in Tenerife either on the beachfront or near the beach. Book your holiday villas or apartments in Tenerife direct with the owner or agent.

Of course not all cruise-goers are seniors. Some are single swingers in their 20s and 30s who also enjoy hot tubs. On singles-only cruises they meet and greet one another, perhaps making the connections of a lifetime. They get together and perhaps even invest in a 2-person hot tub from, based on Reviews, and also report 96% satisfaction with the Island Escape products purchased.

Even families go on cruises, and what better way to keep a family in family-time mode than by having a hot tub they all can relax in together? Surely fewer ways work as well, for moms and dads love the hydrotherapy, troublesome teens relax a little from their stressful high school lives while kids just enjoy splashing around in one. Studies show that family time is crucial these days, and with single parent families, parents who both work or work on different shifts and parents whose children don’t think care about them can all benefit from soaking in a hot tub every night, when weather permits. offers many hot tubs perfect for families, too. These families that have joined Steve Barbarich’s family of satisfied clients also report 96% positive experiences on Reviews.

Cruise vacationers know good value, good craftsmanship and good water fun when they see them; no wonder they’ve rated so highly. Cruisers can definitely warm up to the hydrotherapy hot tubs offer, and clearly they are going for the best on the market. Their high satisfaction rate proves Steve Barbarich is doing something right.

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